Hato Popo

Lyrics - Rōmaji

(Japanese folk song)

1. Pop pop po
Hato poppo
Mamega hoshiika
Sora yaruzo
Minnnade nakayoku

2. Pop pop po
Hato poppo
Mameha umaika
Ichidoni sorotte

English Translation – Pigeon Coo, coo

Coo, coo, coo
Pigeon coo, coo
If you like beans
Come down
Let’s eat all together

Coo, Coo Coo
Pigeon coo, coo
If the beans are delicious
Eat one and fly away

Japanese – はと ぽっぽ

ぽっ ぽっ ぽ
はと ぽっぽ
まめが ほしいか
そら やるぞ
みんなで なかよく

ぽっ ぽっ ぽ
はと ぽっぽ
まめは うまいか
いちどに そろって

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