Funga Alafia


Funga alafia,
ashay, ashay (repeat)

Apparently, the more accurate spelling of “funga” is “fanga,” and “ashay” is “asé” (source).


Funga alafia = Welcome, blessings
Asé = Let it be so, or the English word “amen.”

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  • Printable & Digital Rhythm Visual

  • Song with chords, Orff Arrangement with Recorder Part (notes G, A, C’), Student copies
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4 thoughts on “Funga Alafia”

  1. Hi Beth!
    Do you have sheet music for the first Funga Alafia video? It sounds cool, but I’d love to see it!


    1. Hi Angie!

      I don’t have this Orff arrangement. It looks like it was part of an Orff 2 training class, so someone must own the rights to this arrangement. Maybe it’s even published somewhere. Sorry I can’t be of more help!


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