Old Ark’s a Moverin’


This song is based on the Bible story of Noah and the ark. (God asked Noah to build a huge boat, called an “ark” because he was tired of the evil of the human race. After the ark was finished, Noah and his family put 2 of each kind of animal with them on the boat. After closing the boat’s door, it began to rain. The rain continued for 40 days, and it covered all of the earth. Then the rain stopped. Over several months, the rain receded until the ark rested on a mountaintop, and Noah’s family could get out. God sent a rainbow in the sky to show his promise that he would never again cover the earth in water the same way. This is an African American Spiritual, which was sung as the slaves worked in the fields. They believed in God and often sang about Bible stories and heaven.


Old ark’s a-moverin’ a-moverin’, a-moverin’
Old ark’s a-moverin’ and I thank God.

Old ark she reel, old ark, she rock,
Old ark a-sittin’ on the mountaintop. (Refrain)

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