Focus: B-A-G

Focus: B-A-G


Downloadable [digital] pdf of 44 pages includes*:

Songs to Sing and Play

  • Wastin’ His Time
    • BAG Song – Student Copies
    • BAG Song – Orff Arrangements
    • BAG Song – Melody Visuals
  • Good News
    • Orff Arrangement
    • Student Copies
    • Recorder Duet: Notes D,E,G,A,B
  • Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
    • BAG Version – Student Copies
    • Duet with Good News
    • Orff Arrangement
  • Riding in the Buggy
    • Rhythm Visuals
    • Student Copies
    • Orff Arrangement
  • Old Ark’s A-Moverin’
    • Visuals
    • Orff arrangement (Recorder countermelody: B, C, D’)
    • Student Copies
    • Countermelody – Student Copies
  • Sleep Baby Sleep
    • Orff arrangement
    • Student Copies

BAG Printables

  • Notate a Folk Song
  • BAG on the STAFF
  • BAG chips
  • Blank Staff
  • Worksheet: Practice Drawing B, A, G
  • Worksheet: Draw B, A, G
  • Paper Xylophone – GAB
  • BAG Visuals

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