Come through in a hurry (repeat twice)
Alabama Gal

I don’t know how, how…

I’ll show you how, how…

Ain’t I rock candy…


“Formation: Longways line, Virginia Reel style, men in one line, women in the other. The difference from an ordinary Virginia Reel is that as many as 20 couples or so can be in the same ‘set.’ About 6 feet of distance is necessary between the lines. Action: Verse 1: Head couple join hands and sashay down the center of the set toward the foot for the ‘Come through in a hurry’ repeated. For the third ‘Come through in a hurry’ they return to the head. Verse 2-4: Head couple reels down the line. At the end of the fourth verse the singing begins again with ‘Come through in a hurry. ‘ At this point the second couple begin the figures with a sashay down the set, going as far as the first couple if that couple has not yet finished reeling to the bottom. Continue the dance until all couples have taken part.” –Seeger, Pete. Liner notes to American Play Parties.

Recorder Notes D,E,G,A,B,D’

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