Come through ‘n a hurry (repeat twice)
Alabama Gal

I don’t know how, how…

I’ll show you how, how…

Ain’t I rock candy…


Formation: Students form two lines facing each other.

Verse 1: Head couple join hands and sashay down between the two lines, then return back where they started.

Verses 2-4: All students turn to face the head couple. The head person on the left turns left, and the head person on the right turns right with all of the students following around. They walk toward the foot of the line. When the head couple reaches the foot of the line, they join hands high over their heads, and the other couples go underneath and return to their original spots. There is now a new head couple and the dance begins again.

Optional: This can be danced like the Virginia Reel. (See instructions.)

Recorder Notes D, E, G, A, B, D'

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1 thought on “Alabama Gal”

  1. Remei Gómez Gracia

    I was looking for inspiring lesson plans to introduce my students into playing the xylophones and glockenspiels and found your website. AWESOME! Your work is SOOOO dedicated and impressive!! I just LOVE IT!
    Thanks a million for sharing your effort, I’m sure it’s superhelful for other teachers too!
    A huge hug from a primary school in Armilla, Granada (SPAIN).

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