Naughty Kitty Cat


Naughty kitty cat,
You are very fat,
You have butter on your whiskers,
Naughty kitty cat.


  • One student is the “kitty cat” and sits in the middle of the circle. Another student is the “old man” or “old lady,” who stands outside of the circle.
  • Students sing the song once as they walk around the circle and bend their knees on the rests.
  • Students sing the song a second time as they stand still in the circle and raise their hands up, allowing the “old man” or “old lady” and “cat” to run in and out of the circle. The “old man/lady” tries to tag the “cat” before the song ends.

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  • Printable & Digital Visuals

  • Song with chords, Lesson Ideas, Orff arrangement with Quarter note/rest ostinato
    • Printable Rhythm Visual
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