1st Grade Rhythm Lessons 14-23

Each lesson is 30 minutes long.

Lessons 14

  • Opening Song
  • Sing Little Green Frog
    • Students pat the steady beat.
    • Halfway through the song (“But we know frogs go…”), on the quarter rests, put hands out to the side (I don’t know gesture). Introduce the concept of a silent beat.
    • Sing the song several times.
    • Use the visual of the steady beat lily pad page on this page: Frog in the Meadow.
    • Have students point along to the steady beat lily pads as they sing.
  • Put several heart visuals in a line on the board / screen.
    • Each time you point to a heart, students clap and say “ta” (or other rhythm syllable).
    • Take out one heart (but leave the open space) and have students put their hands out to the side and feel the beat instead of say anything or clap.
    • Do several patterns with hearts and blank spaces.
    • Replace hearts with hearts with “ta” lines. Put hearts with “squiggles” (like quarter rests) instead of the blank spaces. Tell students when they see the lines (“ta”), they clap and say “ta” and when they see the squiggle, it’s a “rest,” and they put hands out to the side and whisper “rest.”
  • In and Out
    • Teach the chant, students pat the stead beat. Ask them to listen for the silent beats / rests.
    • Show drum visuals and chant the lyrics, then chant “ta” while clapping.
    • Play the circle game and have students take turns playing drums.

Lessons 15

  • Opening Song
  • Sing Little Green Frog
    • Review the song, pat on the beat, hands out to the side on the rests, whisper “rest.”
  •  Heart visuals on the board
    • Practice some rhythms with “ta” and “rest”
  • In and Out
    • Drums on board and chant on “ta”
    • Add drums
  • Introduce Naughty Kitty Cat
    • Students listen for rests and whisper “rest” each time. Figure out there are 3 rests in the song.

More lessons available below.

  • 1st Grade Rhythm Lessons 14-23 (PDF)

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