(Folk song)

Old John the Rabbit (oh yes!)
Old John the Rabbit (oh yes!)
Had a mighty bad habit (oh yes!)
Of going to my garden (oh yes!)
And eating all my peas (oh yes!)
And cutting all my cabbage (oh yes!)
He ate tomatoes (oh yes!)
And sweet potatoes (oh yes!)

And if I live (oh yes!)
To see next fall (oh yes!)
I won’t have (oh yes!)
A garden at all!


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4 thoughts on “John the Rabbit”

  1. Love this song! Thanks for the new spin on it. I usually do this in the Spring for primary grades and practice singing p or f on the ‘oh yes’. I have simple cue cards and after practicing both, will switch the cards around hiding one behind my back. (adding ff/pp to grade 2)
    Could even used it to practice the 4 voices for kindergarten/grade 1. Enjoying your blog! Found it on Pinterest.

  2. THIS is the one WE sang in chorus from elementary! I thought I was losing it because all I’ve seen is the yes ma’am version.

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