Roy’s Horse Enjoys a Gallop


(Scottish folk song, Lyrics adapted by Herbey White)

Roy’s horse enjoys a gallop,
Roy’s horse enjoys a gallop,
Other nags may pace and trot,
But Roy likes to ride a-gallop.

1.They leave the barn at early morn,
They climb the slope beyond the pasture,
The level plain like fields of grain,
Invites them on a little faster. Refrain

2. Hills rise and fall, the wild birds call,
They rest awhile in green lanes shady,
The springtime sun invites them on,
The gentle horse steps like a lady. Refrain

3. Down by the sea along the lea,
The sand is beaten by the water,
The horse’s hoofs like rain on roofs,
Beat homeward now with merry patter. Refrain

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