Velo que bonito


This song is a bunde, which is a traditional genre of music in the communities of the Pacific Region based on African and indigenous rhythms. (source)

Lyrics - Spanish

(Colombian folk song)

Velo que bonito lo vienen bajando,
Con ramos de flores lo van adorando. (repeat)

Ro, rri, ro, rra
San Antonio ya se va (repeat)

Mrs. Santana, ¿por qué llora el niño?
Por una manzana que se le ha perdido. (repeat) Refrain

English Translation – See Him, how beautiful

See how beautiful the child they are carrying down*
With flower bouquets, they are adoring him. (repeat)

Ro, ri, ro, ra
Saint Antonio is leaving (repeat)

Señora Santana, why is the child crying?
Because of an apple he has lost (repeat) Refrain

*This describes the tradition of taking down an image of Jesus during a procession.

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