All Around the Green Apple Tree


(American folk song)

All around the green apple tree
Where the grass grows so sweet
Miss Margie, Miss Margie,
Please turn back your back
He wrote you a letter
To turn back your back.


Formation: Students stand in a circle holding hands.
Take turns singing each child’s name (instead of “Miss Margie”). When each student’s name is sung, that student turns around to face the opposite direction and joins hands with the circle again. Continue until all students have had a turn.

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4 thoughts on “All Around the Green Apple Tree”

  1. For larger classes, I change “Miss Margie” to “Miss [color].” For example: “Miss Yellow, please turn back your back.” So, students with yellow on would turn around, or students with a yellow scarf would turn around. This way seems gets younger students playing the game more quickly.

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