(Folk song)

Around and round Miss Maggie on a long summer day. (repeat)

Break the ring and take a swing on a long summer day. (repeat)

Miss Maggie knows how to swing ’em on a long summer day. (repeat)


Formation: Students stand in a circle with one person (“It”) in the center. Sing that person’s name instead of “Miss Maggie.”

Verse 1 – Students circle to the right around “It.”

Verse 2 – “It” grabs someone from the circle, (“Person 2”) brings him/her to the middle and does a right hand swing.

Verse 3 – “It” goes back to the person who was standing to the right of “Person 2” and does a left hand swing. “It” goes back to Person 2 and does a right arm swing, then goes to the next person in the circle and does a left arm swing. This continues around the whole circle. When everyone has been swung, “It” joins the circle, and “Person 2” becomes the new “It.”


or purchase here (printables only)

  • Song with chords, Adapted version with simpler circle game, Lesson ideas for steady beat, Orff arrangement (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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