Karusellen (Jungfru skär)


This song is often sung while circling the Christmas tree or midsummer pole. (source)

Lyrics - Swedish

(Swedish folk song)

Jungfru, jungfru, jungfru jungfru skãr.
Här är karusellen, som ska gå till kvällen.
Tio för de stora och fem för de små,
Skynda på, skynda på nu ska karusellen gå.

För ha, ha, ha, nu går det så bra,
För Andersson och Pettersson och Lundström och jag. (repeat)

English Translation – Carousel (Maiden Fair)

Young maid, young maid, young maid, fair
Here is the carousel, which will go to the evening.
Ten for the big ones and five for the little ones.
Hurry, hurry, now the carousel will go.

For ha, ha, ha, now it is going so well,
for Andersson and Pettersson and Lundström and yes. (repeat)


Version 1 – (See video below) – Formation: Stand in a circle facing the middle with hands on hips.

  • Hop on left foot with right ankle on the ground. Alternate feet each time:
  • Measure 1 – (slowly, on half notes) Hop left, hop right
  • Measure 2 – (faster, on 3 quarter notes) Hop left, hop right, hop left, rest
  • Measures 3-4 – Repeat measures 1-2
  • Measure 5 – On the word “tio” (ten) hold up 10 fingers.
  • Measure 6 – On the word “fem” (five) hold up 5 fingers.
  • Measure 7 – Join hands.
  • Measures 9-12 – Gallop to the left.
  • Measures 13-16 – Gallop to the right.
    Repeat the dance, each time, faster. (source)

Version 2 – Formation: Students stand holding hands in a circle (traditionally done around the Christmas tree or midsummer pole).

  • Measures 1-8 – Hop on one foot with the other ankle on the ground. Alternate feet each time.
  • Measures 9-16 – Students hold hands and walk around the circle, going faster and faster. (source)

Version 3 – Formation: Students stand in two concentric circles facing the center. The inner circle (“horses”) hold hands. The outer circle (“riders”) either hold onto the hips or shoulders of the “horses.”

  • Measures 1-8 – Step left, close right foot next to left foot (2 times per measures)
  • Measures 9-15 – Gallop to the left (or switch to galloping to the right halfway through).
  • Measure 16 – “Horses” and “riders” change places. (Option: Change partners by having the inner circle move one step to the right or left.) (source)

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