(Folk song)

Just from the kitchen, shoo-li-loo,
With a handful of biscuits, shoo-li-loo,
I know you don’t like ’em, shoo-li-loo,
But you can’t do without ’em, shoo-li-loo,
Please Mr. Johnson, shoo-li-loo,
Fly away over yonder, shoo-li-loo

Circle Game

Formation: Students stand or sit in a circle. The Leader (student or teacher) sings the Call, and the class sings the Response. The Leader sings a student’s name instead of “Mr. Johnson,” and that student “flies” to join the other side of the circle. (If the students are standing, the student can just find a spot to stand between two students. If the students are sitting, have two students create an empty space between them where that student can sit.

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  • Printable & Digital Visuals
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