Everybody Loves Saturday Night / Bobo waro fero Satodeh


Everybody loves Saturday night,
Everybody loves Saturday night,
Everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody,
Everybody loves Saturday night

Lyrics (Igbo)

Bobo waro fero Satodeh,
Bobo waro fero Satodeh,
Bobo waro, bobo waro, bobo waro, bobo waro,
Bobo waro fero Satodeh

Lyrics in other languages

French – Tout le monde aime Samedi soir

Africa (Sierra Leone) – Mo-fe mo-ni s’mo ho_gbe-ke

Italian – Piace a tutti sabato sera

Czechoslovakian – Kazhdi ma rad sabotu vietcher.

Chinese – Re’nren dou syi hwan libai lyou wan shang (or Ren ren si huan li pai lu)

Russian – Vse lubyat subo’tu ve’cherom (or Fsiem nravitsa subbota vietcher)

Spanish – Nos gusta a todos la noche de sabado (or A todos le gusta la noche del Sabado)

Greek – P’antes agapou’si tin ni’kta tou Sa’bbata

German – Yeder freut sich auf Samstag Abend

Yiddish – Yeider aine hat liebe Shabbas ba nacht

Hungarian – Minden ember szeret Szombat est_t

Recorder notes G,A,B,C,D’

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