El florón


El florón está en la mano
Y en la mano el florón.
Adivine a quién lo tiene
O se queda de plantón.

Translation – The flower

The big flower is in the hand
And in the hand is the flower.
Guess who has it
Or it remains a seedling.


Version 1 – Formation: Students sit in a circle with their hands behind their backs. Students sing the song with their eyes closed while “It” walks behind the circle and places a flower in one student’s hands. Whoever can guess who has the flower is the next “It.” (source)

Version 2 (passing game) – Formation: Students sit in a circle with each person’s left hand holding the right wrist of the person to their left of them. Students pass a small object (such as a thimble) to the left, from one right hand to the next person’s right hand. (source)

Version 3 – Formation: Students sit in a circle or line holding their hands out in front of them with palms almost touching. “It” has a small object clasped between the palms. “It” passes his/her hands between the hands of each student, dropping the small object in one person’s hands without being seen. “It” continues to pass his/her hands between the other students’ hands until the song ends. That final person must guess who has the small object. He/she then becomes the next “It.” (source)

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