(Folk song)

1. Three blue pigeons
Sitting on a wall
Three blue pigeons
Sitting on a wall.

(Spoken) One flew away! Oooooooh!

2. Two blue pigeons…
3. One blue pigeon…
4. No blue pigeons… (Spoken) One flew back! Wheeeee!
5. One blue pigeon…

Continue adding and subtracting as desired…

Three Chartreuse Buzzards (Similar song)

Three chartreuse buzzards, three chartreuse buzzards,
Sitting on a dead tree, sitting on a dead tree.

(Spoken) Oh Look! One has flown away! What a shame!

(Repeat song and either subtract another buzzard or add one – see below)

Two chartreuse buzzards…

(Spoken) Oh Look! One has returned! Let us rejoice!


Three (hold up 3 fingers)
Chartreuse (fingers curled up by mouth as teeth)
Buzzards (hunch shoulders, look mean)
Sitting on a dead tree (arms out like branches, head off to side)
Oh look! (shade eyes with hand)
One has flown away! (point to distance)
What a shame! (one hand at forehead in dramatic gesture)
One has returned! (beckoning motion)
Let us rejoice! (arms up in joy)


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  • Song with chords, Lesson ideas for Expression, Lyric ideas, Rhythm (sixteenth / dotted eighth note patterns), Melody (all notes of the major scale), Student copies, Partner song with Frère Jacques, Orff arrangement (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song
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