Oh here sits a monkey in the chair chair chair
He lost all the true friends she had last year
So rise upon your feet and greet the first you meet,
the happiest one I know.

2. Here cries a bear behind a chair chair chair…the fuzziest one I know.
3. Here lies a bug under a rug rug rug…the littlest one I know.
4. Here comes a pup beside the pup pup pup…the cutest one I know.

Add different motions for “sits.”


Students stand in a circle holding hands. One student (“It”) sits on a chair in the middle of the circle while students walk counter clockwise while singing. On the lyrics “rise up on your feet,” “It” stands up, then on “greet the one” shakes right hands with one student. That student trades places with “It” and sits down in the chair, becoming the new “It.”



Extras for Plus Members

  • Printable & Digital Visuals

  • Song with chords, Quarter Note Instrument Part, Lesson ideas
  • MIDI file
  • Listen

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