(African American Spiritual)

1. All out on the old railroad,
All out on the sea.
All out on the old railroad,
Far as I could see.

Swing and turn, Jubilee,
Live and learn, Jubilee.

2. Some will come on Saturday night,
Some will come on Sunday,
If you give them half a chance,
They’ll be back on Monday. Refrain

3. Saddle up the old gray horse,
Who will be the rider?
Ride him down to the old still house
And get a jug of cider. Refrain

4. In some lady’s fine brick house,
In some lady’s garden,
Let me out or I’ll break out,
Fare thee well my darlin’. Refrain


Formation: Two lines with partners facing each other. Couple at the top of the lines are called the Head Couple.

Verse 1 = Ends of lines join hands, so all students form a circle. All circle left.
Refrain = Students form two lines again. Head Couple right arm swing, then left arm swing.

Verses 2, 3, 4 = Head Couple right arm swing the next person in line, then left arm swing each other (reel) all the way down the line. At the end, Head Couple stays at the bottom of the lines, and dance begins again with new Head couple.

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