Every Night When the Sun Goes In


(Folk song)

Every night when the sun goes in (Repeat twice)
I hang down my head and mournful cry.

True love, don’t weep, true love, don’t mourn (Repeat twice)
True love, don’t weep nor mourn for me,
I’m going away to Marble town.

I wish to the Lord that train would come (Repeat twice)
To take me back where I come from. Refrain

It’s once my apron hung down low (Repeat twice)
He’d follow me through both sleet snd snow. Refrain

It’s now my apron’s to my chin (Repeat twice)
He’ll face my door and won’t come in. Refrain

I wish to the Lord my babe was born,
A-sitting upon his pappy’s knee,
And me, poor girl, was dead and gone,
And the green grass growing over me. Refrain

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1 thought on “Every Night When the Sun Goes In”

  1. Beautiful Love songs I auditioned at Paul Revere Jr High School for Pacific Palisades choir teacher for one spot that was open for Madrigals..Ms Smith was the Concert Chior..Women’s Chior and Madrigals which was extra ciriculum and lunch time activity that if accepted means giving up trying to make it to the Basketball courts waiting 6 teams down for a game of Basketball..the bell for 5 and 6 periods and school was over and we got bused to school and back and Ms Smith left after 6 period..So Madrigals with glad and passion heart for Music both instruments and songs and conducting..writing and arrangements..Anyways Thanks to whom ever found the time to put this classic American Ballad here..Sincerely yours CALVIN WILSON
    and My twin brother and myself sang for Concert Chior too right Ms Smith..

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