Ya vienen los reyes magos

Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song)

Ya vienen los Reyes Magos,
Ya vienen los Reyes Magos
Caminando de Belén,

Olé, olé, Holanda, olé Holanda
Ya se ve, ya se ve, ya se ve.

Cargaditos de juguetes
cargaditos de juguetes
para el Niño de Belén. Refrain

Como el camino es tan largo
como el camino es tan largo
pide el Niño de beber. Refrain

Translation - The Wise Men are coming

The Wise Men are coming
the Wise Men are coming
on their way to Bethlehem

Olé, olé, Holy land and olé
Holy land can be seen.

Carrying lots of toys
carrying lots of toys
for the Child in Bethlehem Refrain

Since the journey is so long
since the journey is so long
the Child asks for water Refrain (source)

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