Jesus Borned in Bethlea


This is a haunting melody in mixolydian mode.


1. Jesus borned in Bethlea, Jesus borned in Bethlea,
Jesus borned in Bethlehem and in the manger lay.
And in the manger lay, and in the manger lay,
Jesus borned in Bethlehem and in the manger lay.

2. Judas then betrayed him… and nailed him to the tree.

3. Joseph buried his body… and layed him in the tomb.

4. Tomb, it would not hold him… he burst the bonds of death.

5. Down came an angel… and rolled the stone away.

6. Mary came a-weeping… her blessed Lord to see.

7. “What’s the matter, Mary?” “They’ve stol’n our Lord away.

8. “Run and tell your brethren…he’s risen from the dead!”

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1 thought on “Jesus Borned in Bethlea”

  1. Beth – Thank you for all of your hard work on this blog and more importantly being willing to share. I used your blog throughout my Kodaly Levels and still check in regularly. I also send my pre-service teachers your direction. I am curious what program you use to notate your music? Also, do you then just save it as a picture file to insert to your blog? I would like to add my songs of the week to my blog but am trying to figure out the best method. I also want to create a powerpoint for each grade containing the songs on my song list. Thank you again for your energy and time!

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