Eh Soom Boo Kawaya



Convincing research has led to conclusions that this song is from the Efik/Ibibio people in the South of Nigeria. It was popular with sailors. (source: Nigerian Languages Project FB page)


Eh soom boo kaway
Kedou, kadee.
Eh soom boo kaway
Kedou, kadee.
Kedou, kadee, kedou, kadee.
Soom boom kaway,
Kedou, kadee.

As Performed By Efik/Ibibio Kids (& Translation)

Eyen Ebaruiba (Ebariba youth)
Sọñ ubọk wat inyañ (Paddle fast)
Sọñ ubọk wat inyañ
Kee dim ke di (Rain is approaching)
Aa aa aaaa
Sọñ ubọk wat inyañ
Kee dim ke di!

Tem afia esuñ iba (Prepare two mounds of fufu)
Bọk efere ekporoko (Cook stockfish soup)
Kot eyen Ebariba (Call an Abiriba youth)
Edi men do dia (To come take and eat) (source: Nigerian Languages Project FB page)

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4 thoughts on “Eh Soom Boo Kawaya”

  1. I learned this from another music teacher in our district…..
    translation – the clouds are gathering, paddle faster.

    4-6 students in a boat
    Measures 1-4 : paddle 4 beats on each side
    Measures 5-6 : Paddle 2 beats on each side
    measures 7-8 : raise up arms and look at the clouds
    Measures 9-10 : Paddle Faster!!!

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