Eh Soom Boo Kawaya



Eh soom boo kaway
Kedou, kadee.
Eh soom boo kaway
Kedou, kadee.
Kedou, kadee, kedou, kadee.
Soom boom kaway,
Kedou, kadee.

I cannot find a translation.

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4 thoughts on “Eh Soom Boo Kawaya”

  1. I learned this from another music teacher in our district…..
    translation – the clouds are gathering, paddle faster.

    4-6 students in a boat
    Measures 1-4 : paddle 4 beats on each side
    Measures 5-6 : Paddle 2 beats on each side
    measures 7-8 : raise up arms and look at the clouds
    Measures 9-10 : Paddle Faster!!!

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