(Folk song)

1. Oh the fox went out for a chase one night,
prayed to he moon to give him light.
He had many miles to go that night
before he reached the town O, town O, town O,
many miles to go that night before he reached the town O.

2. He ran right up to the farmer’s pen;
ducks and the geese were kept there-in.
He said, “Couple of you gonna grease my chin
before I leave this town O…

3. He grabbed the grey goose by the neck,
slung the little one over his back.
He didn’t mind the “quack, quack, quack”
and the legs all danglin’ down O…

4. Old mother pitter patter jumped out of bed.
Out of the window she popped her head, crying:
“John, John, the grey goose is gone
and the fox is on the town O…

5. John, he went to the top of the hill,
blew his horn both loud and shrill.
The fox said, “I’d better flee with my kill,
for he’ll soon be on my trail-O….

6. He ran ’til he came to his cozy den.
There were his little ones eight, nine, ten.
They said, “Daddy, won’t you please go back again,
for it must be a mighty fine town O…

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