Lyrics - French

(French folk song)

Au clair de la lune mon ami Pierrot
prète moi ta plume pour écrire un mot,
ma chan-delle est morte jen’ai plus de feu,
ouvre moi ta porte pour l’amour de dieu.

English Lyrics - In the moonlight

In the moonlight my friend Pierrot
Lend me your pen to write a word,
My candle is dead I have no more fire,
Open your door to me, for God’s sake.

Singable English Lyrics

At your door I’m knocking, by the pale moonlight,
Lend a pen, I beg you, I’ve a word to write.
Out has gone my candle, my fire burns no more,
For the love of heaven, open up the door!


  • Song with chords, Orff arrangement with Glockenspiel/Recorder ostinato – notes B, D’ (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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