Hill and gully rider, Hill and gully. (repeat)

1. Took my horse and come down, Hill and gully,
But my horse done tumble down, Hill and gully.
And the nighttime come a-tumblin’ down, Hill and gully.

2. Oh the moon shone bright down, Hill and gully,
Ain’t no place to hide in down…
An’ a zombie come a ridin’ down… Refrain

3. Oh, my knees they shake down…
An’ my heart starts quakin’ down…
An’ I run ’til daylight breakin’ down… Refrain

4. That’s the last I set down…
Pray the Lord don’ let me down…
Ain’t nobody goin’ to get me down… Refrain



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      • Rhythm – Syncopation
      • Melody
        • Pentatonic
        • Low so & low la
        • Improvisation
    • Orff Arrangement
    • Printable Rhythm Visuals
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