Daddy’s Whiskers

Version 1


(Folk song)

1. We have a dear old Daddy, his hair is silver gray.
He has a set of whiskers, they’re always in the way.

They’re always in the way. The cows eat them for hay.
They hide the dirt on Daddy’s shirt; they’re always in the way.

2. We have a dear old Mommy, she likes his whiskers too.
She uses them for cleaning and stirring up the stew. Refrain

3. We have a baby sister, her name is Ida May,
She climbs up Daddy’s whiskers and braids them everyday. Refrain

4. Daddy’s got a strong back, but now it’s all caved in,
He stepped up on his whiskers and walked up to his chin. Refrain

5. Around the supper table we make a merry group,
Until our Daddy’s whiskers get tangled in his soup. Refrain

Version 2


1. We have a dear old daddy who we never disobey.
But he has a set of whiskers that are always in the way.

Oh, they’re always in the way. The cow eats them for hay.
It tickles when he giggles, and they’re always in the way.

2. We have a dear old mommy who’ll never use a broom.
She uses daddy’s whiskers to sweep the living room.
Our brother is a painter, our brother’s name is Paul.
He uses daddy’s whiskers as a brush to paint the wall. Refrain

3. We have another brother, we named him Tiny Jack.
He climbs up daddy’s whiskers and goes sliding down his back.
We have a little sister who last week disappeared.
We finally found her sleeping inside our daddy’s beard. Refrain

4. There was a little chicken who one day hurt her leg.
We built a nest in daddy’s beard where the chicken laid an egg.
Now, daddy combed his whiskers, it’s amazing what he found.
Two shoes, three mice, five bucks, four dice all tumbled to the ground. Refrain

5. One day our poor old daddy in a pasture went to sleep.
We shaved off all his whiskers ’cause we thought he was a sheep.
But it was no problem ’cause during winter storms
We now lie under daddy’s whiskers cozy, snug and warm. Refrain


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