(Folk song)

Old McDonald had a farm, ee, i, ee, i oh
And on that farm he had a pig
ee, i, ee, i oh
With an oink oink here
And an oink oink there
Here an oink
There an oink
Everywhere an oink oink
Old McDonald had a farm, ee, i, ee, i oh!

2. Duck – quack quack
3. Turkey – gobble gobble
4. Chicken – cluck cluck
5. Cow – moo moo
6. Cat -meow meow
7. Mule – Heehaw
8. Dog – bow wow
9. Turtle – nerp nerp

Henrietta had a house…
And in this house she had a cat… Mew Mew

Zebadiah had a zoo…
And in this zoo he had a tiger… grrr, grrr

Pamelina had a pet shop…
And in this shop she had a dog… woof, woof

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