Bought Me a Cat

Consider using this song for younger students by adding motions – but also for the older students with recorders.


1. Bought me a cat, the cat pleased me,
I fed my cat under yonder tree.
The cat said “fiddle-i-fee.”
2. hen…chimmy chuck chimmy chuck

3. duck… quack, quack

4. goose… hissy, hissy

5. pig… oink, oink

6. sheep… baa, baa

7. hog… griffy, griffy

8. cow… moo, moo

9. horse… neigh, neigh

10. dog… bow-wow, bow-wow


Below: Song pdf with chords in 2 keys, midi and printable & digital (ppt) animal sound melody cards, Melody (step, skip, repeat) Worksheet / Assessment


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