4th Grade Rhythm Assessments

Worksheets / Assessments

  • Notes & Rests Assessments


  • Performance Assessment – for dotted quarter/eighth notes, sixteenth notes & syncopation (Visuals, Student Copy, Worksheet, Rubric) – available for download below.


  • Rhythmic Dictation – Available on this page: Ama Lama

  • Recognize rhythms & Write own lyrics – Available on this page: Fooba Wooba John

  • Notes & Rests: Whole, Half, Quarter, Eighth, Sixteenth – Available on this page: Leaf & Pumpkin Sheets

  • Music Math Worksheets / Assessments – Available on this page: Music Math

  • Rhythm of Lyrics (animals) – Available on this page: Animal Song

See also

Extras for Plus Members

  • Rhythm Assessment
  • Rhythm Performance (Visuals-Printable & Digital, Student Copy, Worksheet, Visuals)

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5 thoughts on “4th Grade Rhythm Assessments”

  1. Thank you for this blog! I have been searching high and low for ideas/assessments specifically geared for music since the Common Core wave hit!! Wonderful!!!

  2. Love this!! Thank you so much for sharing!! We are using common core as well, and trying to write assessments is so taxing. I didn’t think how easy it really could be!! Your ideas have spurned some of my own!!

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