(Folk song)

2. Saw a crow flying low,
Fooba, wooba, fooba, wooba,
Saw a crow flying low, Fooba wooba John.
Saw a crow flying low several miles beneath the snow.
Whoa John, oh John, Fooba wooba John.

3. Saw a whale chase a snail…
…all around the water pail…

4. Saw a louse push a mouse…
…down the chimney through the house…

5. Saw a bat chase a cat…
…Heard the cat say, “Please bat, scat”

6. Saw a bear comb his hair…
In the middle of the air

7. Saw a frog chase a dog…
Sitting on a hollow log

8. Heard a cow say meow
Then I heard it say, “bow wow”

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