(Folk song)

Ama lama cooma lama cooma lama veestay.
Ama lama cooma lama cooma lama veestay.
Oh no no, no no no veestay.
Eenie meenie gipsa leenie ooh ah ooh ah me leenie,
Atchy patchy cooma latchy I mean you!

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6 thoughts on “Ama Lama”

  1. I actually learned this years ago on a camp bus with alternate lyrics:
    2nd verse-
    “Imma leeny disileeny Ooo ah I’m a leeny
    Otch kotch kooma lotchy Ooo ah oh!”

    Probably the telephone effect, but just wanted to put that out there, haha

  2. I learned this song when I was a kid. I was looking it up to see if there is any history behind it and found your page. The lyrics in the version I learned are quite a bit different. They were:

    Mamma lama kuma lama, kuma lavista
    Mamma lama kuma lama, kuma lavista
    Oh no, no, no, no lavista
    Oh no, no, no, no lavista
    Ainy-mainy dixa-painy, ooahp a lama lainy,
    achy catchy ava wachi X,Y,Z.

    Just thought it was interesting.

  3. Thanks for the video and the lesson! I’m only teaching Kinder and 1st grade music during this “Virtual Year” so won’t use your lesson until the schedule changes. However….. Love seeing you so animated telling the story. I love being animated with the kids and you just encourage me to be more so!

  4. Ah, the evolution of camp songs! One more… from Camp Archibald in Wisconsin, circa 1973, done as a call & response, line by line, with a patsch-clap-snap-clap pattern:
    Cooma lada cooma lada cooma la vista
    Oh, no, no, no, not la vista
    Eenie meenie dessimeenie oo-wah-la walla-meenie
    Ex-a-meenie zy-la-meenie oo-wal-la wah.
    Then a spoken scat ending:
    Eet’n billie oat’n doat’n bo-bo ba deet’n doat’n Shhhhhhh!

    It is interesting that the melody is essentially the same, but these nonsense syllables have such variation.

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