Animal Song


(American folk song)

1. Alligator, hedgehog, anteater, bear,
Rattlesnake, buffalo, anaconda, hare

2. Bullfrog, woodchuck, wolverine, goose,
Whippoorwill, chipmunk, jackal, moose

3. Mud turtle, whale, glow-worm, bat,
Salamander, snail and Maltese cat

4. Polecat, dog, wild otter, rat,
Pelican, hog, dodo and bat

5. Eagle, kingeron, sheep, duck and widgeon,
Conger, armadillo, beaver, seal, pigeon

6. Reindeer, blacksnake, ibex, nightingale,
Martin, wild drake, crocodile and quail

7. House rat, toe rat, white bear, doe
Chickadee, peacock, bobolink and crow

  (or available for purchase here)

  • Printable & Digital Visuals and Worksheets
  • Song with chords,¬†Lesson ideas for Rhythm (sixteenth notes)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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