She had a funny name, but she wasn’t much to blame;
Her mother gave it to her just the same, same, same.

Catalina Magdalena Hoopensteiner Wallendiner
Hogan Logan Bogan was her name.

Well, she had two peculiar hairs on her head;
One was black and one was red. Refrain

She had two eyes that were quite a sight;
One looked left and the other looked right. Refrain

She had two arms that flopped all around;
When she walked, they would drag on the ground. Refrain

She had two feet that were wide and flat –
Each one bigger than a bathroom mat. Refrain

She had two holes in the bottom of her nose –
One for her fingers ….and one for her toes. Refrain

She had two teeth inside her mouth;
One went north and the other south. Refrain

Some folks say her breath smells sweet;
But me, I’d rather smell her feet. Refrain

If rain makes flowers sweet and clean,
There oughta be a downpour on Magdaleen! Refrain

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