Dec 192014
Goodbye Julie



1. Miss Julie Ann Johnson, Oh ho. (repeat)
Goodbye Julie, Oh ho. (repeat)

2. Oh where’s my Julie? Oh ho. (repeat)
She’s gone to Dallas. Oh ho. (repeat)

3. Gonna catch that train boys, oh ho. (repeat)
Gonna find my Julie, oh ho. (repeat)

4. Gonna hug my Julie! Oh ho. (repeat)
That Julie Ann Johnson, oh ho. (repeat)


Below: Song pdf with chords, Lesson ideas & midi


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  4 Responses to “Goodbye Julie (Miss Julie Ann Johnson)”

  1. I have just found this blog; it’s great!

  2. Someone taught me the song this way and it is my #1 requested song in Kindergarten and 1st grade: v.1 Ms. Julie Ann Johnson, oh… v.2 Where’s she goin’?, oh…. (stop and ask a student singing well to pick a place for her to go) v.3 She’s going to_____(whatever they picked), oh… v.4 How’s she gonna get there? oh… (stop and pick another student) v.5 She’s going to ___________, oh… v.6 What’s she gonna do there? oh… v.7 She’s gonna ___________, oh.. v.8 When’s she coming back? oh… v.9 She’s coming back ____________. They love making up crazy stories. I use it to reinforce good singing posture- I pick students who are demonstrating good posture to make up the parts of the story. You should see those back straighten up whenever I play the opening chord from then on! 🙂

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