This song is sung on Children’s Day (Tango no sekku: 端午の節句), which occurs on May 5. Koinobori (wind socks shaped like carps) are hung above homes with each family member represented with a different koinobori. (source)

Lyrics - Rōmaji

(Composer unknown, Lyrics by Miyako Kondō (近藤宮子), Japan)

Yane yori takai koinobori
ōkii magoi wa otōsan
chiisai higoi wa kodomo-tachi
omoshirosō ni oyoideru

English Translation - ​Carp streamer

Higher than the roof-tops are the carp streamers,
The large carp is the father,
The smaller carp are the children,
They seem to be having fun swimming.

Japanese - 鯉のぼり

屋根より 高い 鯉のぼり
大きい 真鯉は お父さん
小さい 緋鯉は 子供たち
面白そうに 泳いでる

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