Welcome Sweet Springtime


This is also called “Voices of the Woods.” (source)


(Anton Rubenstein, 1884)

Welcome sweet springtime,
e greet thee in song,
Murmurs of gladness fall on the ear,
Voices long hushed now their full notes prolong,
Echoing far and near.

Sunshine now wakes all the flowerets from sleep,
Joy-giving incense floats on the air,
Snowdrop and primrose both timidly peep,
Hailing the glad new year.

Balmy and life-breathing breezes are blowing,
Swiftly to nature vigor bestowing,
Ah, how my heart beats with rapture anew,
As earth’s fairest beauties again meet my view.

Sing then, ye birds, raise your voices on high,
Flowerets awake ye, burst into bloom.
Springtime is come, and sweet summer is nigh,
Sing then, ye birds, oh sing.

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  • Subjects: spring / choral music
  • Meter: 2
  • Source: Twice 55 Community Songs for Treble Voices, Peter W. Dykema, C. C. Birchard & Co., 1927


  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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