La gallina ponicana

Lyrics - Catalan

(Folk song from Spain)

La gallina ponicana
pon un ou cada setmana:
pon i un, pon i dos,
pon i tres, pon i quatre,
pon i cinc, pon i sis,
pon i set, pon i vuit,
pon i nou i pon i deu,
la gallina de la seu
diu que amaguis aquest peu.

English Translation - The ponican hen

The ponican hen,
lays an egg every week;
put, and one, put, and two,
put, and three, put, and four,
put, and five, put, and six,
put, and seven, put, and eight,
put, and nine, put, and ten.
The headquarters hen,
he says hide that foot.

Circle Singing Game

Formation: Students sit in a circle with both feet stretched out in front. One student, who is “It” stands in the middle holding a mallet or drumstick.

As students sing, “It” taps each foot of each student with the mallet or drumstick on the steady beat. The person who is tapped on the last note becomes the new “It.”

Recorder Notes D, G, A, B, D'

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