Ring Around the Border


(Folk song)

1. Ring around the border, Susan Susan,
Ring around the border, Susan my dear.

2. Outside send her, Susan Susan,
Outside send her, Susan my dear.

3. In at the window…

4. Peepin’ at Susan…

5. Run I’ll catch you…

6. Catch you, catch you…

7. Come home Susan…

Circle Game

Original Version(See PDF download for adapted version.)

Formation: Students stand in a circle, holding hands. One student (“It”) stands in the middle.

  • Verse 1 = Students circle to the right.
  • Verse 2 = Students stand still and raise hands to form “windows.”
  • Verse 3 = “It” walks in and out of the “windows.”
  • Verse 4 = “It” goes back to the middle of the circle and stares (“peeps”) at a student (“Student 2”). (The stare could include a wink, or blink 3 times, or raise eyebrows, etc.)
  • Verse 5 = Student 2 tries to tap “It” while “It” tries to go stand in the space “Student 2” just vacated.
  • Verse 6 = Students chase each other.
  • Verse 7 = If Student 2 taps “It,” “It” goes to the vacant spot in the circle. If “It” is not tapped, either “It” gets another turn in the middle, or both “It” and Student 2 are in the middle for the repeat of the song.

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