Čiūčia liūlia dukrytėla

Lyrics - Lithuanian

(Folk song from Lithuania)

Čiūčia liūlia dukrytėla
Mano mylimoji

Kiek jau kartų per dienelį
Tavį pakilojau

Pakilojau panešiojau
Patalėlį klojau

(Repeat verse 1)

Auk didutė būk greitutė
Mano dukrytėla

(Repeat verse 1)

English Translation - Hush-a-bye my little daughter

Hush-a-bye, my little daughter,
My beloved

How many times during the day
Have I already picked you up

I’ve already picked you up and carried you,
Put you down in your cradle.

(Repeat verse 1)

Grow up quickly
My little daughter

(Repeat verse 1)

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