Lyrics - Tagalog

(folk song from the Philippines)

Tao tao po mabahay na bato
buksan ang bintana tayo’y magpandanggo
kung walang gitara kahit na bilao
makita po lamang ang dalaga ninyo.
Dalaga po ninyo ayaw magpaligaw
pumasok sa kwarto nagsakit-sakitan
tinanong ng ina kung ano ang dahilan
sagot ng dalaga masakit ang tiyan.
Agad nagpatawag dalawang mediko
pinag-tig-isahan ang dalawang pulso
sabi ng mediko, “walang sakit ito
sinta sa pag-ibig umakyat sa ulo.”

English Translation - Hello (I am at your door)

Is there anyone at home at the bahay na bato?
Open the windows and let’s dance the pandanggo
If there are no guitars, baskets will do
If only to see the fair maiden with you.
Your fair maiden doesn’t want to be courted,
went into her room and pretended to be sick.
Her mother asked her what was the matter.
The fair maiden answered that her stomach hurt.
Two doctors were immediately called for,
One felt the pulse on one wrist, one on the other.
The doctors said, “she isn’t sick;
the love in her heart has gone up to her head.”


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