El Tio Fresco


This is a carnival dance where dancers have a paper doll (Uncle Fresco) pinned to their backs. (source)

Lyrics - Catalan

(Catalan folk song)

Jo te l’encendré
el Tio Tio Fresco,
jo te l’encendrè,
el Tio de paper.

Tu no me l’encenràs,
el meu Tio Fresco,
tu no me l’encenràs
el meu Tio detràs.

English Translation – Uncle Fresco (Cool)

I’ll light it for you
from Uncle Uncle Fresco,
I will light it for you
the Uncle made of paper.

You won’t light it for me,
my Uncle Fresco,
you will not light it for me
my Uncle, from behind*.

*referring to the paper doll pinned to the back


Formation: Students stand in a circle (holding hands) surrounding a student (“It”) in the middle. “It” has a scarf hanging from a belt.

  • Measures 1-8: Students in a circle walk to the right while “It” walks in the opposite direction around the inside of the circle.
  • Measures 8-16: Students jump forward and someone tries to grab the handkerchief. That person becomes the new “It.” (source)

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