Mam chusteczkę haftowaną

Lyrics - Polish

(Polish folk song)

Mam chusteczkę haftowaną, co ma cztery rogi,
kogo kocham, kogo lubię, rzucę mu pod nogi.
Tej nie kocham, tej nie lubię, tej nie pocałuję,
a chusteczkę haftowaną tobie podaruję.

English Translation – I have an embroidered handkerchief

I have an embroidered handkerchief with four corners
who I love, who I like, I will throw at his feet.
I don’t love this one, I don’t like this one, I won’t kiss this one,
and I will give you an embroidered handkerchief.


Formation: Students sit in a circle on the floor. One student is “It.”

It holds a handkerchief and walks around behind the other students as everyone sings the song. At the end of the song, “It” drops the handkerchief behind a student, then runs around the circle while the other student picks up the handkerchief and chases the first person around the circle and tries to tag the student. The chasing stops when the student who was “It” reaches the space the second student was just occupying.

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