Ranz des vaches (Kuhreihen)


This tune was traditionally played by cowherds on the horn to call their cattle home. It is also associated with Swiss nostalgia. Both Rossini and Berlioz used this tune in their compositions. (source)

Lyrics – Arpitan / Franco-Provençal

(Folk song from Switzerland – Arpitan / Franco=Procençal)

1. Lè j’armayi di Kolonbètè
Dè bon matin chè chon lèvâ.

Lyôba, lyôba, por aryâ.
Lyôba, lyôba, por aryâ.

2. Vinyidè totè, byantsè, nêre,
Rodzè, mothêlè, dzouvenè, ôtrè,
Dèjo chti tsâno, yô vo j’âryo,
Dèjo chti trinbyo, yô i trintso.  Refrain

3. Lè chenayirè van lè premirè,
Lè totè nêrè van lè dêrêrè.  Refrain

English Translation – Song of Cows

1. The cowherd from The Colombettes
Got up very early.

Lyoba, lyoba, (cattle call) for milking.
Lyoba, lyoba, for milking.

2. Come all, white ones, black ones,
Red ones, the ones marked with stars, young ones, other ones,
Under this oak tree where I milk you,
Under this aspen tree where I make cheese. Refrain

3. The ones with bells go first,
The completely black ones go last. Refrain

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