Dollar Dollar


(Folk song)

Dollar, dollar you must wander
From the one hand to the other
Is it fair, is it fair
To keep poor [student] sitting there?

Coin Passing Game

Formation: Students sit in a circle and one student (“It”) sits in the middle with eyes closed (for the first time sung only).
Students sing the song while passing a coin around the circle. If they don’t have the real coin, they pretend to pass a coin. After the first time singing, “It” can start to watch the students pass. Sing the song a second time, and then “It” can guess who has the coin. Whoever is caught with the coin becomes the new “It.”


  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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2 thoughts on “Dollar Dollar”

  1. This is really similar to a song I learned student teaching that I am having a hard time locating – Do you know anything about a variant of this called “Rock, Rock” I have found the lyrics in Girl Scout song manuals, but cannot figure out any more history.

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