Dollar Dollar


(Folk song)

Dollar, dollar you must wander
From the one hand to the other
Is it fair, is it fair
To keep poor (name of “It”) sitting there?

Coin Passing Game

Formation: Students sit in a circle and one student (“It”) sits in the middle with eyes closed (for the first time sung only).
Students sing the song while passing a coin around the circle. If they don’t have the real coin, they pretend to pass a coin. After the first time singing, “It” can start to watch the students pass. Sing the song a second time, and then “It” can guess who has the coin. Whoever is caught with the coin becomes the new “It.”


  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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2 thoughts on “Dollar Dollar”

  1. This is really similar to a song I learned student teaching that I am having a hard time locating – Do you know anything about a variant of this called “Rock, Rock” I have found the lyrics in Girl Scout song manuals, but cannot figure out any more history.

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