Anile Anile Odi Vaa


There seem to be a lot of different versions of this song, both from Sri Lanka and India. Here is just one of the ones I found.

Lyrics (Transliteration)

Anile anile odi vaa
Aḻaku anile odi vaa
Koyyā maram ēṟi vā
Kuṇṭu paḻam koṇṭu vā

Translation – Chipmunk Chipmunk, Come On

Chipmunk chipmunk come on
Beautiful chipmunk come come come
Climb high up a guava tree
Bring a ripe fruit back to me

Lyrics in Tamil – அணிலே அணிலே ஓடி வா

அணிலே அணிலே ஓடிவா
அழகு அணிலே ஓடிவா
கொய்யாமரம் ஏறிவா
குண்டுப்பழம் கொண்டுவா

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