Anile Anile Odi Vaa


There seem to be a lot of different versions of this song, both from Sri Lanka and India. Here is just one of the ones I found.

Lyrics (Transliteration)

Anile anile odi vaa
Aḻaku anile odi vaa
Koyyā maram ēṟi vā
Kuṇṭu paḻam koṇṭu (kondu) vā

Translation – Chipmunk Chipmunk, Come On

Chipmunk chipmunk come on
Beautiful chipmunk come come come
Climb high up a guava tree
Bring a ripe fruit back to me

Lyrics in Tamil – அணிலே அணிலே ஓடி வா

அணிலே அணிலே ஓடிவா
அழகு அணிலே ஓடிவா
கொய்யாமரம் ஏறிவா
குண்டுப்பழம் கொண்டுவா

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1 thought on “Anile Anile Odi Vaa”

  1. Hi Beth! Thank you so much for this song! I ended up using it at the end of the year during AAPI heritage month. And, one of my students’ family is Sri Lankan. He told me that the translation is correct (amazing), but in the last measure it would be more accurate to the pronunciation as “kondu” rather than “-tu”.

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