Mage podi thara

Lyrics - Transliteration

(Folk song from Sri Lanka)

Mage podi thara – Pip Pip gewa
Hota rathu patai – anga sudu patai
Ara ara pena – seethala pokune
Ath thatu salamin – peena peena newa.

English Translation – My Little Duck

My little duck shouted “Pip Pip”.
Its beak is red and its body is white.
It was bathing in the pond there, with cool water
While flapping its wings and swimming.

Sinhala – මගෙ පොඩි තාරා

මගෙ පොඩි තාරා පී පී ගෑවා..
හොට රතු පාටයි ඇඟ සුදු පාටයි..
අර අර පේනා සීතල වතුරේ..
අත් තටු සල සල පීන පීන නෑවා.

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