Chand Utheche Ful Futeche

Lyrics – Transliteration

(Folk song from Bangladesh)

Chand utheche, la la la la,
phul phuteche, la la la la,
Chand utheche, phul phuteche,
Kodom tolai ke?
Hati nachche, ghorha nachche
Sonamonir bey.

English Translation – The moon has risen the flowers have blossomed

The moon has risen, the flowers have blossomed,
Who is sitting under the tree?
Elephants dance, horses dance,
It’s my daughter’s wedding day.

Bengali – চাঁদ উঠেছে ফুল ফুটেছে

চাঁদ উঠেছে, ফুল ফুটেছে,
কদম তলায় কে?
হাতি নাচছে, ঘোড়া নাচছে,
সোনামণির বে।

Recorder Notes G, A, B, C, D’

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1 thought on “Chand Utheche Ful Futeche”

  1. Hi,
    I am glad to see Bengali lullaby here, but please make a correction, the songs are not from Bangladesh. The songs are ‘bengali’ and are sung in both India and Bangladesh, not specifically bangladesh. I am Indian and we sing this to our children.


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