(Folk song)

We’re alone, Doney* Gal, in the wind and hail,
Gotta drive those dogies down the trail.
Rain or shine, sleet or snow,
Me and my Doney gal are bound to go.
Me and my Doney gal are bound to go.

1. We ride the range from sun to sun,
For a cowboy’s work is never done,
He’s up and gone by the break of day
Driving the dogies** on their weary way. Refrain

2. We’re swimming rivers along the way,
And pushing for that north star day by day,
Steers are asleep on the new bed ground,
I’m drifting my Doney round and round. Refrain

3. Well a cowboy’s life is a dreary thing,
For it’s rope and it’s brand and it’s ride and it’s sing,
Round the campfires flickering glow,
We sing the songs from long, long ago. Refrain

*Doney = girl, sweetheart, darling (source)
**Dogies = motherless calves in a cattle herd (source)

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