Rain or Shine


(American folk song)

It’s rain or shine, sleet or snow,
Me and my Doney gal are on the go.
Yes, rain or shine, sleet or snow,
Me and my Doney gal are bound to go.

1. We’ll ride the range from sun to sun,
For a cowboy’s work is never done,
He’s up and gone at the break of day,
A-drivin’ the dogies on their weary way.

2. A cowboy’s life is a dreary thing,
For it’s rope and brand and ride and sing,
Yes, day or night in the rain or hail,
He’ll stay with his dogies out on the trail. Refrain

3. We whoop at the sun and yell through the hail
But we drive the poor dogies down the trail,
And we’ll laugh at the storms, the sleet and snow,
When we reach the little town of San Antonio. Refrain

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